March 3, 2021

Athleta beat Depiro in Day one of the Men’s Shield


Gzira Athleta 66
Pavi Depiro 59
(14-17) (12-14) (23-15) (17-13)

In the second match Gzira Athleta overturned an interval deficit to obtain their first victory against Pavi Depiro. Depiro began with the first points however Athleta replied with points from Michael Naudi and Markus Montague (206-F) to go ahead 10-8. Depiro replied with three consecutive baskets to go in front again and despite Athleta’s reply, a trey by Timothy Zammit had Depiro ahead at the end of the session. In the second period, Athleta were again on even score before points by Depiro’s Mike Nwelue(196-F, college: Drury, agency: Octagon Europe) and a Kurt Xuereb (175-PG-97) triple. At the interval Depiro were leading 31-26. After the break points came regularly on both sides of the court however Depiro increased their lead further after Xuereb’s second triple 40-32. Athleta recovered again as they had treys from Roderick Vella (180-PG-85) and Nikolai Lubrano. Depiro were in front once more but a 7-2 run had Athleta on a 49-46 advantage in the start of the last period. Slowly, Athleta started to increase their lead although Depiro had a couple of hoops from Darryl Schembri. Athleta had another 7-2 run with Vella’s second three pointer as Depiro had no more time left and Athleta won the game 66-59.

Gzira Athleta: M. Naudi 15, R. Vella 12, F. Mifsud Bonnici, M. Montague 18, M. Giusti, I. Buldakov 6, L. Stefanovic, A. Micallef 8, J. Wait, S. Vincic, N. Lubrano 7, M. G. Montaldo.
Pavi Depiro: J. Attard, R. Xuereb, D. Schembri 6, A. Aquilina 3, N. Grech, T. Zammit 11, M. Mallia 4, J. Camilleri, K . Xuereb 16, M. Borg 3, M. Nwelue 17.
Referees: Bernard Vassallo, Alfred Carbonaro, Teemu Helenius

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