Senior Women


Name : Andrea Mifsud

Date : 20th July 1994

Andrea has been with Depiro since the age of 6. She formed part of the U15 squads that finished runners up for 2 years in a row as well as runners up in the Under 17s fro 2 years in a row. She was called up with the senior squad at the age of 15, and last season formed part of the Senior sqaud that won the Super Cup and Knock Out. At the age of 14, she was called up to the Under18 National Team which ended up 3rd in the FIBA Div C championships. In 2010 she was made captain of the Under 16 National team that participated in Andorra.


Name : Svetlana Micallef

Date : 14th September 1986


Name : Antoinette Borg

Date : 22nd October 1988


Name : Tina De Martino

Date : 2nd July 1994

Tina started basketball at the age of 10 with Luxol and stayed with Luxol till last season. She has spent 7 years there and was called up for the senior squad at the age of 16. With Luxol she won the Under 20 league twice, the Under 17 league also twice and an MBA shield with the Senior squad. Last year she was also called up to the Under 16 National Team that participated in Andorra.

Name : Maria Bonnet

Date : 16th March 1995


Name : Gaby Mifsud

Date : 31st October 1995

Gaby started basketball with Depiro’s nursery at the age of 6. Last season, at the age of 15, she was selected for the club’s 2nd senior team to gain experience in the top league. In 2010-11 she captained the Under16 club’s team that won the league and was also made captain of the U16 National Team that won the Bronze medal in Andorra. This was Gaby’s second call up to the Under 16 National Team

Name : Tina Mifsud

Date : 31st October 1995

Tina started basketball with her twin sister. Season 2010-11 was one that Tina will remember. She was selected with the club’s 2nd Team also to gain experience but suffered an injury that kept her out for most of the remaining part of the season. She only managed to get back on court for her last Under 16 game but still managed to get selected for a second time in the Under 16 National team that eventually won Bronze in Andorra . In her previous experience with the Under 16 National Team, she won the FIBA Fair Play award.

Name : Martina Scicluna

Date : 9th June 1995


Name : Rachel Sammut

Date : 19th May 1994




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