March 1, 2021

Colt Fason single handedly gives Depiro their second defeat


Pavi Depiro 42
Bupa Luxol 63
(7-13) (11-8) (8-19) (16-23)

The game had a very slow start especially in shooting since both teams had erratic shooting. Luxol however had Colt Fason (198-F, agency: Coast to Coast) in the rescue as he netted 40 points out of their total 63. Depiro had Timothy Zammit missing and Luxol had Marco Mercieca making the return after his serious injury. The game took time to settle and after five minutes of play Depiro led 3-2 with an Andrew Aquilina (89) trey. Jean Paul Bonnici also netted a triple for Luxol together with points from Fason which had them on the better side at the end of the quarter 13-7. Depiro started the second quarter with three consecutive baskets in the first 2 minutes. Luxol relied only on Fason’s points in the second quarter as the Violets led 21-18 at the interval. After the break, Depiro managed to overturn the score after an Aquilina trey. This was their last lead in the game since Luxol replied with a solid 17-2 run with continuous points from Fason together with Stefan Cappello to go strongly in front 40-26. Luxol increased their lead in the first minutes of the last quarter with another 8-2 run with a trey by Jean Paul Schembri. Till the end, both sides had their points but Luxol had an assuring advantage as Fason continued to increase his personal score. There was time from youngsters Sky Visser and Jamie Maistre Bonello in the last seconds of the game as Luxol won the game 63-42. They now face Gzira Athleta next week to determine the winners of Pool 2.

Pavi Depiro: J. Attard 2, D. Farrugia, R. Xuereb, D. Schembri 2, A. Aquilina 11, N. Grech 3, M. Agius, M. Mallia, M. Agius, K . Xuereb 8, M. Borg 1, M. Nwelue 1.
Bupa Luxol: CJ Cordina 2, C. Fason 40, J. Willoughby 3, S. Visser, J.P. Schembri 3, J. Maistre Bonello, T. Paris, M. Mercieca 2, J.P. Bonnici 3, S. Capello 10.
Referees: Bernard Vassallo, Gordon Barbara, Teemu Helenius

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