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DepiroSportSajf has been in operation for more then 15 years now and has grown in popularity with kids attending year after year and from all over the island. In order to maintain our standards we limit the number of kids that can attend ensuring that your children get the necessary attention and fun. We are the only setup that is not part of a school ensuring that kids are given a break from school environment and buildings. We offer a service to two distinct groups :

‘The Early Years’ : 3 to 5 years and ‘Juniors’ : 6  to 12 years

Both groups have the option to attend DepiroSportSajf on two, three, four or five days a week.

The ‘Early Years’  is all based on fun activities that will focus on the development of loco-motor movements through Physical Education Sessions, Drama and Arts and Crafts. In 2013 we introduced fortnightly fun outings for this group.

SibtSportSajf2014The ‘Junior’ activities will be offering the kids a wide range of sports and educational activities namely : Basketball, Football, Handball, Volleyball, Hockey, Mini tennis, Gymnastics, Swimming, Fun Games, Drama, Arts and Crafts and Life Skills. We will be organising a total of 8 Educational trips and excursions during this summer activity, all of which will be held on Thursday. Some of the excursions held in the past are : Fort Rinella, Inquisitor’s Palace, Popeye’s Village, Falconry Malta, Traditions Malta, Water Services Corporation, Aviation Museum, Pottery, Malta Dairy products, Hands on Farming, Cinema, Malta Experience, Lower Barrakka and Malta at War (the organisers reserve the right to change any of the enlisted outings).

Swimming classes are split into 3 groups :
Water Orientation is for children who either cannot swim or can swim a little but still lack many of the skills of Water Adjustment. Through presenting the water as an enjoyable and rewarding experience these children are taught in sequence all the basic adjustment bouyancy and propulsion skills to lay a foundation for future stroke development.
Water Adjustment is for children who can swim but still lack the skills of Stroke Development. The major aim is to develop confidence and competence in floating, gliding, kicking and arm action on front and back and to be introduced to freestyle and backstroke techniques.
Stroke Development is for children who can swim over 15 metres but lack coordination in feet and arm propulsion and breathing, to swim any distance. They are assisted to develop the freestyle, back and breast strokes through a series of progressions aimed at coordinating the complete stroke to a recognised stroke technique.

This year’s DepiroSportSajf will commence on Monday 14th July 2014 and comes to an end on Friday 5th September 2014. The normal hours are from 09:00 till 13:00 but we do offer a number of options for extended hours.

DepiroSportSajf will also be offering Gymnastics on Wednesdays as well as Swimming which will be held on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Give your child the chance to enjoy a summer full of fun activities and apply ASAP to avoid disappointment!

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