February 22, 2022

Launch of SibtSport Program

Press Release 21/10/2021

Depiro Basketball Club welcomed around 300 kids aged 3 to 12 years to its popular program SibtSport on the 9th of October where they have the opportunity to practice different sports activities. The aim of the program is to teach physical literacy to children through various sports activities from October to May. Participants will be exposed throughout the program to 9 different sports activities with a minimum of 10 hours in each one of them.

The program is run by professional coaches coming from the following areas, athletics, adventure (outdoor sports), basketball, dance, football, field hockey, fun fitness, gymnastics, handball and volleyball. The concept is that each term participants are exposed to 3 different sports activities.  Junior years program coordinator Ms. Laura Vella had this to say,

“Our aim is to create an atmosphere where children enjoy sports and physical activity, so they adopt it as a lifelong practice. We work to teach children agility, balance, coordination and speed skills through a fun environment while using different sports activities to reach our aims. Having a strong base of sports fundamentals will lead to better athletes in the future.”

The program is one of the many sports programs that Depiro Basketball Club runs in its premises at Mtarfa in their sports complex. CEO Mr. Ruben Baldacchino had this to say,

“As a sports club who started from basketball, we have developed to a sports club that offers a variety of sports activities for the community. We have redefined our club structure and invested a lot in grassroots sports. SibtSport program is one of our major investments at youth sport, that is intended to create a sports awareness of different sports disciplines, give the right skills to children to nurture their talents and when they reach the age of 12-13 years they can start specialization in the sport they enjoy most. Our main priority as a sports club is to teach children to live a healthy lifestyle, develop their sports talents so that we can help young kids fulfil their dream, to represent Malta at international level one day. ”



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