Men’s 1st Division situation

The recent problem that led to the 1st Div Men games being postponed, stemmed from an Appeal’s Board which was not constituted according to the MBA statute. The main issue was that it had just 1 person in the sitting when they should have been at least 2 or a maximum of 3. Also the persons sitting on the Appeal’s Board had to be approved by the Executive Council, something which had not been done for this season. To complicate matters further, the person who heard the Appeal was assisted by an MBA official, Joe Depasquale Schranz, when the statute clearly states against such practice.

Our club’s position on this matter was and has been clear all along. The Appeal’s Board was not constituted according to the statute and as such this hearing should be declared null. The Appeal should be heard again. Also since this hearing had to be declared null, then Luxol’s player Marco Mercieca should never have played against Siggiewi as he was still awaiting the hearing by the Appeal Board and as such the game between Siggiewi and Luxol should be replayed.

This request was made to the MBA’s President’s Council in an email dated 1st February 2011

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