Bank of Valletta Cup Women – McDonalds Depiro through after a scare

Published on Wednesday 23rd November 2011

McDonalds Depiro     63

Athleta     53

(12-10, 20-4, 10-25, 21-14)

Depiro made their way into the semi final but not before being given a harrowing time by Athleta, never mind the final score. Depiro enjoyed good leads even after the interval but then they had to pull out all the stops to prevent Athleta from producing  a surprise result after forging in front. Athleta then suffered the indignity of ending up with a double figure loss.

Depiro paraded their new Maltese Australian Sam Brincat and Steffi De Martino was back from injury although with a face mask. Edwina Vella was missing. For Athleta, the missing player was Dorien Jager but Kelly Busuttil and Francesca Farrugia were only on the bench.

Athleta opened up well with a three basket spread and Claire Ciantar points but Depiro who took time to get going drew level in the same style mainly through Francesca Bianco.

Athleta regained their advantage with a brace of hoops but Depiro ended the period with a couple of Brincat triples as she made her presence felt.

The second quarter was dominated by Depiro who subjected Athleta to a heavy 15-0 run and another Brincat trey. Athleta could only muster their points late in the session and only managed to stop Depiro from improving on their advantage.

At the interval Athleta had fallen 14-32 behind.

After the break Athleta began their long way back. They started with a 9-2 run and a Leanne Sciberras triple. Depiro were yet with a good lead midway through the session but Athleta struck once more with a better 11-2 run beginning with a Lonneke Calleja triple.

They were close now and Depiro were hard pressed to hold on to their advantage with a 42-39 score.

In the last session Athleta were closer still with Depiro having difficulty to contain them. Athleta finally forged ahead only for Depiro to regain their lead and although the same lead changed hands twice more it was Depiro who pounced and make up a 9-0 run.

Athleta battled back but although they were close Depiro stuck to their task and emerged winners with a better advantage.

Depiro: A. Mifsud, G. Mifsud, J. Xuereb, 21 S. Brincat, M. Bonett, 8 F. Bianco, 8 T. De Martino, 11 A. Borg,2  C. Sammut, M. Mifsud,  S. Micallef,  13 S. De Martino

Athleta: K. Busuttil, M. Azzopardi Duca,  R. Sciberras, 5 L. Calleja, 3 L. Sciberras, 24 A. Ratomska,  2 G. Muscat, 3 D. McKeon, 2 C. Mifsud, 14 C. Ciantar,  M. De Martino

Referees: E. Mangani, C. Terribile

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