Basketball – Men’s national league: Lively Depiro are now in third place

Posted on Tuesday 19th April 2011

by Willie Vassallo

After their prestigious victory over Luxol last week Depiro kept up their winning streak with an overwhelming win over Loyola to tie their direct encounters at two games each.

The league table is a different matter as Depiro now have a two-point lead over Luxol although the latter have a game in hand when they will play the second period of overtime against Loyola as decreed by the Protest Board.

Alex Tabone and Mark Cilia were unavailable for Loyola who included the young JP Borg. Depiro fielded their latest full outfit.

It was Depiro making the better start with an 8-0 run from David Bugeja and Andrew Aquilina. Loyola recovered with a 7-2 run and a Billy Zammit triple. Play changed once more with Depiro obtaining a 10-0 run with a Roderick Vella trey.

Loyola’s reply despite a couple of Depiro hoops were more triples by David Camilleri and Zammit once more. In the second period Depiro extended their advantage once more but were stopped by a second Camilleri triple.

At the other end it was Bugeja with a Depiro trey and a heavy lead. Loyola’s next points were neutralised as Depiro went on with their triples with Vella sinking two more as they swept clear of their adversaries. At the interval Depiro held a 42-22 advantage.

After the break Loyola kept pace with their opponents as regards scoring before Depiro put in a 7-2 run with another Bugeja triple.

Loyola’s reaction came through a trio of free throws but soon after they had to play second fiddle to Depiro again when they suffered a further 0-11 run. With a quarter to go Depiro enjoyed a 63-33 lead.

Loyola’s recovery was not forthcoming as Depiro made a 9-0 run with a JP Schembri trey. Although Loyola once way behind mustered a good 12-2 run with triples from Joshua Anastasi and Shawn Pace, they had miles to make up and Depiro put the seal on their victory with a game ending 14-0 run with a fourth Vella triple.

Loyola: 10 S. Pace, 8 B. Zammit, 10 D. Camilleri, S. Borg, G. Cuschieri, JP Borg, S. Vella, 2 A. Axiaq, 9 J. Mihailovic, 9 J. Anastasi, 1 J. Ransley

Depiro: 19 R. Vella, 7 JP Schembri, 28 D. Bugeja, 6 A. Aquilina, 9 J. Gatt, J. Camilleri, 8 E. Lupo, 12 M. Mallia, 2 I. Tanti, G. Mercieca

Referees: G. Barbara, E. Mangani, A. Carbonaro

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