Basketball – MSV Life women’s national league: McDonalds Depiro retain top spot

Article published on 08 February 2012

by Willie Vassallo

Phoenix Qormi Mendoza     27
McDonalds Depiro     80
(8-15, 7-19, 10-23, 2-23)

Depiro kept their place at the top of the standings with a routine victory over the bottom side as the Depiro bench players had more playing time on court. The win had its dark side with the injury suffered by Sam Brincat.
Phoenix took it on the chin for most of the match but then the last session proved too much as they faded away.
Phoenix were without Fiona Micallef and Daniela Zammit and Depiro played their full squad.
Qormi sneaked in a couple of hoops before Depiro began their hunt for a high score match.
An 11-2 run started them off and late in the period more Vontisha Woods points had the Depiro side on a better footing.
In the second session Woods kept up her scoring touch but Phoenix managed some more points. Depiro took over once more with a solid 14-0 run from seven different players and Phoenix then ended the period with more points which only took them to a 15-34 tally at the interval.
After the break Qormi shared the scoring at the start but Depiro gradually made up an 8-0 run with a Steffi De Martino triple. When they were stopped it was de Martino once more with personal points and a second trey in an 11-0 run. As her side had a 57-25 advantage after three sessions.
The last quarter was heavy for Phoenix. Their only contribution was a lone hoop but Depiro were still points hungry and they finished off the match with a 13-0 run and a third De Martino trey to round off a high score.

Phoenix: M. Abela, 3 V. Agius, 7 H. Potigny, 5  C. Gauci Meilaq,. Mifsud Tommasi, 6  M. Agius, 4  N. Said, MR Agius, 2 A.2 Camilleri, L. Mifsud

Depiro: 2 A. Mifsud, 4 G, Mifsud,9 T. Mifsud,  S. Brincat, 20 V. Woods, F. Bianco, 4 T. De Martino, 2  A. Borg, 6 C. Sammut, 2 E. Vella, 5 S. Micallef, 17 S. De Martino

Referees: A. Carbonaro, J. Mangani

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