Deferred encounter ends heavily in Depiro’s favour

Article published on 21 March 2012 

by Willie Vassallo

Starlites Sports Experience 21
McDonalds Depiro 78
(6-14, 9-16, 4-31, 2-17)

This game started on Friday 9 March and was stopped at halftime due to slippery conditions because of the excessive humidity on the court.

Depiro had already taken a handsome advantage by mid-match with Starlites coming more into the picture late in the second session after Steffi de Martino had obtained quite a good haul of points till then for Depiro.

The match continued late on Saturday evening on the 17th minute. Starlites were well taken care of. Depiro were pouring in their points to their hearts’ content with Starlites only able to add on three more hoops in two sessions of play.

Steffi De Martino continued on where she had left off. She really let loose rattling in her points including a couple of triples. Vontisha Woods put in her share as Depiro roared off to a huge advantage at the start of the final session.

It was actually Starlites with the first hoop before Depiro took over once again, beginning with another De Martino triple, but this time the points were more shared out as Depiro went into a joint top placing with Loyola.

Starlites C. Riolo, 7 A, Grixti, 2 S. Tabone, S. Cutajar, S. Davis, 3 L. Pirotta, 1 N. Attard, L. Pisani, C. Scicluna, 8 M. Cutajar

Depiro A. Mifsud, 4 G. Mifsud, M. Bonett, 10 S. Brincat, 11 V. Woods, 4 F. Bianco, 2 T. De Martino, 2 A. Borg, 2 M. Scicluna, 2 M. Mifsud, 4 S. Micallef, 37 S. De Martino

Referees C. Terribile, R. Darmanin, E. Mangani, J. Mangani

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