Depiro avenge previous three defeats

Published on 09 January 2012 

Basketball: MSV Life National League 1 Div. Men

by Willie Vassallo

Siggiewi 71

Depiro Mtarfa 83

(16-31, 14-15, 19-16, 22-21)

A high scoring match was marred in the final period, when two Siggiewi players did not finish the game. Until those moments Siggiewi had grittily drawn closer to Depiro, after lapsing into a heavy deficit. From then on Depiro made sure, as their lead opened up again. There were some good personal scores on both sides, and this was Depiro’s first win in four matches this season, against Siggiewi.

Siggiewi recovered Clement Kodomaris, although he remained on the bench, as did Karl Borg. They also had Louis Camilleri and Eman Xuereb missing. Depiro fielded their full outfit.

Depiro made a solis start, with a 10-0 run, starting with a trio of hoops from Adrian Micallef. Marco Matijevic replied for Siggiewi, with his points, and a triple. Depiro held on to their lead, through Greg Hamlin, with Siggiewi reacting with Chris Meier and more Matijevic points, including a second trey. Roderick Vella did likewise for Depiro, and Isaac Tanti had late hoops, for a better advantage. In the second period free throwsbrought Siggiewi closer, but Depiro’s response had Vella with two triples, and another from Andrew Aquilina, in a solis 13-3 run, with more Micallef hoops. Siggiewi fell behind rapidly, but recovered slightly till the interval, though the score was reading 46-30 in Depiro’s favour.

After the break Hamlin extended Depiro’s advantage, before Siggiewi came up with their triples, by Peter Shoults, Matijevic and Alan Borg. At the other end it was Emanuel Lupo with more points for Depiro, whose lead began to waver, with Siggiewi’s late pressing, and a second Shoults trey. Their deficit went down, but depiro were on a favourable 62-49 score. Shoults netted a third triple, in the last quarter, but Depiro reacted with a 7-2 run, and a fourth Vella trey. Then it was Matijevic, also with his fourth triple, and Siggiewi were starting to draw nearer. Then protests in a Siggiewi attack had Nigel Sultana being ousted from the bench, after being deemed to step on the court. Later on Alan Borg received his second technical foul, and was also out. The resulting free shots pushed Depiro out of Siggiewi’s reach. Late points by Shoults were to no avail, and Depiro garnered their first two league points.

Siggiewi R. Agius, L. Camilleri, P. Shoults, E. Xuereb, N. Sultana, A. Borg, JP Azzopardi, C. Maier, C. Kodomaris, J. Jetson, M. Matijevic

Depiro R. Vella, JP Schembri, A. Aquilina, A Portelli, A. Micallef, E. Lupo, M. Mallia, I. Tanti, G. Hamlin

Referees G. Barbara, S. Gouder, C. Terribile

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