Depiro lift cup

Published on 28th February 2011

Hibs Medsea 41
Depiro McDonald’s 43
(12-9, 6-10, 12-15, 11-9)

Depiro claimed their first honour of the season when they edged Hibs in the Detur Super Cup final yesterday.

With Joselle Cardona in the thick of the action, Hibs settled down quickly and opened a slight lead which they administered till the end of the quarter.

Depiro had a tough game against Luxol on Friday. However, they still looked fresh and when Hibs were expected to profit from the substitution of Kalia Agius, who was on her third foul, it was Brian Mifsud’s team that showed the best ideas and led 19-18 at half-time.

This was going to be a tight affair but Depiro looked more motivated as the last session got underway to increase their lead to 40-32.

Hibs gradually narrowed theh gap but Depiro pounced on a crucial rebound with 17 seconds left and Sarah Pace was fouled.

To Hibs’ dismay, the ref deemed that it was an unsportsmanlike infringement which meant that after the two free-throws, Depiro would get possession as well. Pace only managed one point but that was still good enough for her team to finish winners.

On Friday, Depiro reached the final of the Louis Borg Cup when they had the better of Luxol 62-57. As expected, Hibs were too strong for Athleta in the other semi-final which they won 46-32.

Hibs: E. Micallef, E. Cassar 4, M. Zammit, L. Bezzina 2, F. Tabone, M. Desira 4, D. Micallef 6, N. Arrigo 2, K. Baldacchino 9, J. Cardona 14, C. Schiavone.

Depiro: S. Pace 6, J. Xuereb, A. Mifsud, M. Bonett, F. Bianco 6, A. Borg 8, C. Sammut, E. Vella 4, S. Micallef 4, K. Agius 15.

Referees: J.P. Sammut, C. Terribile.

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