Depiro Mtarfa return to victory

Published on Tuesday 7th February 2012

Depiro Mtarfa 65
Loyola Tata Motors 59
(8-11, 20-20, 19-12, 18-16)

Depiro returned to victory after three consecutive defeats as Loyola could not repeat their performance against Athleta.
The end of the first quarter saw Loyola three points in front and the tune did not change much after that as just before the half-time buzzer, a Roderick Vella shot from outside the arc saw Depiro still trailing 31-28.
Vella drew courage from that successful pot and steered Depiro to a 45-35 lead by the sixth minute.
Though having Rashanti Harris sidelined, Loyola still levelled matters at 50-50 but two consecutive technical fouls against their bench saw Depiro moving five points ahead.
That took the fight out of Loyola who never really recovered.

Depiro: R. Vella 18, J.P. Sammut, A. Aquilina 10, A. Portelli 5, A. Micallef 16, E. Lupo 2, M. Mallia, I. Tanti 2, G. Hamlin 12.

Loyola: S. Pace 7, B. Zammit, D. Camilleri 5, S. Borg, L. Azzopardi, S. Vella 2, A. Axiaq 11, J.P. Azzopardi 3, J. Ransley, R. Harris 31.

Referees: S. Gouder, G. Barbara, C. Terribile.

Standings: Athleta 10 (5-0), Flo-riana 8 (3-2), BUPA Luxol 8 (3-2), Depiro 7 (2-3), Siġġiewi 7 (2-3), Loyola 5 (0-5).

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