Depiro take the verdict in the depleted teams match

Published on 16th January 2011

Bupa Luxol 51

Depiro Mtarfa 63


Luxol spent the middle sessions chasing after Depiro, after their five triple burst in the opening period of play.

The Violets seemed to have made it in the final quarter, but in their haste to overturn the score, they fell prey to Depiro’s fast breaks, and were dealt a mortal blow, which took Depiro on level points with their adversaries, in their second win in three matches over Luxol.

Luxol had two suspended players, Marco Mercieca and Robert Azzopardi. Their places were taken by Matthias Attard Montalto and Edward Bonello. Depiro have now lost their Spanish player, Sergio Yuste, back in his homeland, and Isaac Tanti was also unavailable.

Luxol’s points came from triples at the start, as Nikolai Vasovic, Jean Paul Bonnici and Petar Apcev all sank their treys.

Depiro stayed close, with Roderick Vella’s points. Vasovic netted another triple, as the Violets held on to their advantage, but Depiro still came nearer, to a point behind.

Vasovic put in yet a further triple, as Depiro rallied, and managed to draw level, before Vella’s trey put his side in front. Seconds before the end of the period Vasovic’s free throws took Luxol on equal points.

The second quarter did not run kindly to Luxol. Their shooting left much to be desired, as they were limited to just a single hoop till the interval. Depiro did not let the occasion run past, and they ended the session with an 8-0 run, to take a 31-21 advantage, halfway through the encounter.

After the break the Violets still had difficulty to obtain points, when depiro began with a 7-2 run, and an Andrew Aquilina triple.

Luxol then started to play better, and gnawed away at their deficit, with Vasovic nailing another trey. Depiro were on a double figure lead, when triples were netted at both ends.

Aquilina for Depiro, with an instant reply from Apcev. With a session to go Depiro were 46-37 ahead.

Luxol put in their triples once more, as Apcev twice, and Vasovic took the Violets to a basket behind, to kindle hopes again.

Depiro’s reply was very effective, when they managed a 10-0 run, with a second Vella triple, to seal the game, leaving Luxol very little time to stage a comeback, which they really didn’t come up with.

Luxol: C. Cardona, M. Attard Montalto, E. Bonello, A. Micallef Trigona, 16 P. Apcev, A. Costa, 19 N. Vasovic, 2 T. Paris, 6 A. Cremona, E. Caruana Montaldo, 8 JP Bonnici, S. Mizzi

Depiro: 24 R. Vella, JP Schembri, 10 D. Bugeja, 10 A. Aquilina, J. Gatt, 9 E. Lupo, 9 M. Mallia, G. Mercieca

Referees: E. Mangani, A. Carbonaro, C. Terribile

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