Detur Shield Div I Men – Siggiewi on course to defend honour

Published on 31st October 2010

Siggiewi Derby 76

Depiro Mtarfa 56


The champions strode with determination into the final, to defend the honour won last season. They swept aside Depiro’s challenge, beating them for the second time this season. Depiro had an uphill task from the start, as Siggiewi turned on the screw in the opening two sessions, to establish a handsome advantage. It was only in the latter stages of the match that depiro hiked up their score, when the regular Siggiewi squad was on the bench.

The two teams played with the same team as in their last encounter.

Mtarfa put in two quick hoops, but the champions sank a brace of triples, from Nigel Sultana and Alan Borg. Depiro reacted with treys of their own, by Roderick Vella and Andrew aquilina. From then on Siggiewi were in command, as they put in an 11-2 run, with Adrian Micallef points.

They didn’t stop there, when they finished the period with an 8-0 run, and more triples, from Micallef and Sultana, for a double figure advantage. Depiro’s Aquilina made a second triple, in the second session, but the champions responded with another 11-2 run, as Marco Matijevic also netted a trey. David Bugeja stopped them with his trey, but Siggiewi were still in control, as they enjoyed a solid lead at the halfway stage, with a 42-24 score.

After the break Depiro went for a quick recovery, when Bugeja put in his hoops. The champions turned on the pressure again, and came up with a further 11-2 run, leaving their opponents stranded. Sultana nailed a second triple for Siggiewi, and Vella did likewise at the other end. By the end of the session the champions’ advantage had grown, and they began the final quarter on a hefty 64-40 lead.

The champions then took the occasion to put in all their bench players on the court, with Matthew Shoults netting a triple. Depiro also made the most of the space that was afforded, and totted up an 11-0 run, for a better scoreline on their part, which didn’t affect the winners at all.

Siggiewi: 5 P. Shoults, 2 M. Pisani, 7 M. Shoults, 2 J. Doughty, 1 E. Xuereb, 17 N. Sultana, 6 A. Borg, 21 A. Micallef, K. Borg, 6 J. Jetson, 9 M. Matijevic

Depiro: 12 R. Vella, JP Schembri, 18 D. Bugeja, G. Mercieca, 8 A. Aquilina, 5 J. Gatt, J. Camilleri, 4 E. Lupo, 1 M. Mallia, 8 I. Tanti, F. Agius

Referees: B. Vassallo, E. Mangani, JP Sammut

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