Four clubs now call for EGM

Published 17th February 2011

No solution in sight for basketball impasse…

There seems to be no ending to the dispute that has brought all men’s competitions to a halt midway through the current basketball season.

A meeting late on Tuesday, involving representatives of all five Division One clubs and officials from the Malta Basketball Association (MBA), failed to produce a breakthrough.

Instead, the governing body is now compelled to call an extraordinary general meeting during which various challenging issues will be discussed following a petition signed by the required number of affiliated full members.

Four clubs, all from Division One, are proposing a series of important amendments to the statute which they claim are vital for the sport to move forward and the association to improve its efficiency and accountability.

Athleta BC, Depiro BC, Loyola BC and Siġġiewi BC have put forward a number of suggestions, including changes to the criteria for officials who occupy high-ranking posts within the association and for member club presidents to attend and participate in discussions during all President’s Council meetings.

The clubs want the minutes of the President’s Council and Executive Council meetings to be circulated to all members by a stipulated deadline and that all decisions taken be approved before these come into effect.

One of the proposed amendments is for the President’s Council to meet every fortnight, or at least once monthly in the case of the Executive Council, instead of four times every year as stated in the statute.

“Basketball is going nowhere… we’re at a crossroads,” a distraught club official, who asked not to be named, told The Times yesterday.

“We have to put all our differences to one side, agree on new measures and look ahead.

“I have serious doubts as to whether the men’s league will continue this season but if we discuss and identify solutions, there’s still time to resume.”

The men’s competitions have been on hold for two weeks as the MBA called off all matches when Depiro, Loyola and Siġġiewi strongly objected to a decision by the Appeals Board to significantly reduce the bans of two Luxol players.

Meanwhile, the four clubs petitioning for the EGM are advocating changes to player registration policies and the disciplinary code.

They have also called for the setting up of independent inquiry boards to look into the financial situation of the MBA and a probe into the funds from the transfer of Samuel Deguara to Italian club Benetton.

According to the rules, the EGM will have to be convened within the next three weeks.

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