Luxol breeze past Depiro

Published Tuesday 12th April 2011

McDonalds Depiro 35

Luxol 59


Now that each game is a tough one Depiro are beginning to find out that life without Kaila Agius is much more of a trial for them. Luxol are on the crest of a wave and back to back victories over their main rivals have put them on the brink of a place in the Play Off final.

After a balanced first period, the Violets drew away from their opponents to finish the match on a solid advantage.

Depiro had Maria Bonett just on the bench whilst Luxol were with the same team that had beaten Hibs just a few days before.

It was a tight opening session. Luxol were twice in front until Greta Zarb netted a triple. Luxol held an advantage three more times until the end of the period.

Depiro had replies but the two sides missed shots until Emma Moore made the hoop that had Luxol ahead one more time.

In the second session all the Luxol players put in a hoop for a 10-0 run and a double figure advantage. Depiro began to hit back after Luxol’s Bev Zammit went off for some time with a twinge.

Sarah Pace netted a triple for Depiro but the Violets were still able to hold on to a useful lead. As the interval arrived Depiro crept a little closer with their free shots for an 18-26 score.

After the break Depiro were on the receiving end as the confident Luxol players made up a good 12-1 run with Zammit back on court.

Steffi De Martino sank a triple and the Violets opened a heavy lead. Depiro finally replied and Pace made her second trey but Zammit also netted a triple at the other end before Justine Busuttil Gaerty sank another Depiro triple but her side were still 27-43 in arrears.

When the last session started Luxol netted another 7-0 run ending with a Mandi Sciortino triple and the match was definitely sealed. The two sides could then share some time with Luxol in full control and they also put in the game’s last points.

Depiro: 11 S. Pace, 3 G. Zarb, J. Xuereb, A. MIfsud, 8 F. Bianco, 3 J. Busuttil Gaerty, 8 A. Borg, E. Vella, 2 S. Micallef

Luxol: 11 E. Moore, 11 M. Sciortino, L. Serge, 2 B. naudi, 18 S. De Martino, 3 P. Ellul, 5 D. Muscat, 2 E. Grech, 7 B. Zammit

Referees: A. Carbonaro, C. Terribile

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