Luxol falter badly against Depiro

BUPA Luxol 29
Depiro Mtarfa 69
(5-20, 9-17, 10-15, 5-17)

This young Luxol side were no match for the faster and better-equipped Depiro as John Tabone’s team sorely felt the absence of rebounder Andrew Cremona and veteran Robert Azzopardi who retired from the game.

Luxol, still waiting to sign their new foreigners, were poor in their shooting and only managed one from 36 attempts from outside the arc. They never really settled down with the more agile Depiro opening their opponents’ slow defence at random through their fast breaks and quick passing.

Luxol never managed to raise their standards and Depiro led 37-14 at the interval.

After the break, one expected a reaction from Luxol but this never happened, allowing Depiro to dominate for a comfortable victory.

Luxol: C.J. Cordina, M. Mercieca 1, S. Mizzi, A. Micallef Trigona 2, L. Ross 2, A. Costa 2, N. Vasovic 2, T. Paris 2, M. Attard Montaldo, E. Caruana Montaldo, J.P. Bonnici 18, S. Capello.

Depiro: R. Vella 22, J.P. Schembri 5, D. Agius, A. Aquilina 8, A. Portelli 14, E. Lupo 5, M. Mallia 5, I. Tanti 10.

Referees: G. Barbara, A. Carbo-naro, C. Terribile.




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