McDonalds Depiro back in top spot

Published on 16th November 2010

Depiro went to the top of the table once more along with Hibs and Luxol in this last match of the first round of play.

Athleta were no match for the victors as Depiro are playing with a degree of confidence recording their sixth win on the trot. Athleta were being beaten after back to back victories.

Depiro kept the same side as in their latest wins. Athleta had Naomi Barry instead of Martina Azzopardi and Giulia Muscat was still unavailable.

The two sides netted early triples with Francesca Bianco and Kaila Agius for Depiro and Leanne Sciberras for Athleta.

Depiro then put in a 9-1 run as Antoinette Borg sank two more triples to open up a useful advantage for her side.

In the second period Depiro were still extending their lead as Sarah Pace also nailed two more treys in an 8-0 run. Athleta reacted but they could only share the play. Near the end of the quarter Depiro opened up their lead more to a 39-16 score at the interval.

After the break play was more balanced. epiro had Agius with her second triple and more points and Greta Zarb provided more hoops. At the other end it was Sciberras with most of the points for her side who were still trailing badly.

The last period found the hoops very hard to come by with both sides very wayward.

The match had already been decided by this time and the match petered out tamely with missed opportunities at either basket.

Depiro: 15 S. Pace, 7 G. Zarb, J. Xuereb, A. MIfsud, 2 M. Bonett, 9 F. Bianco, J. Busuttil Gaerty, 10 A. Borg, 1 C. Sammut, E. Vella, S. Micallef, 18 K. Agius

Athleta: R. Sciberras, D. Jager, 3 L. Calleja, 19 L. Sciberras, M. Azzopardi Duca, 2 R. Spiteri, N. Barry, C. Galea, 5 F. Farrugia, 1 K. Busuttil, 2 C. Mifsud

Referees: J. Mangani, C. Terribile

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