McDonalds Depiro in easy win

Published 19th October 2010

Depiro stroll through to second victory

Depiro subdued their opponents before the interval contained them in the third session then let loose once more in the final period to make it a more emphatic win.

The Saints sometimes played into their adversaries’ hands with their hasty passing and long balls which more often than not finished up in Depiro’s possession. The usual winers’ trio of Agius, Pace and Borg did the most damage in attack giving the Saints no occasion to recuperate.

Depiro were with the same team as in their opening two games. The Saints had Nadia Cassar still out with a shoulder injury.

At the start, the Saints made the points that would serve them for the whole opening period. Depiro had Francesca Bianco sinking an early triple and then they embarked on a long 10-0 run which took them clear of their adversaries till the end of the session.

St Andrews were still short on points early in the second period. Depiro took the occasion to post a 10-2 run with Kaila Agius and Antoinette Borg hoops. The Saints finally managed to pierce their opponents’ defence and shared the rest of the session. At the interval it was 33-14 to Depiro.

The game opened up more after the break. St Andrews were on a par with their adversaries with Elaine Cachia very active. Depiro had Sarah Pace making a triple among other points.

The ball swung from one end to another very rapidly with attackers on top of the opponents’ defence. Two late hoops helped Depiro to go 50-27 ahead after three sessions.

The Saints couldn’t keep up with Depiro’s fast flow of play this time and Pace with her hoops and Justine Busuttil Gaerty with a brace of triples made up a good 12-0 run before St Andrews could put in their only hoop for this session. Depiro finished off with a 7-0 run and a second Pace trey.

Depiro: 21 S. Pace, J. Xuereb, 1 A. Mifsud, M. Bonett, 3 F. Bianco, 6 J. Busuttil Gaerty, 12 A. Borg, 6 C. Sammut, E. Vella,  S. Micallef, 20 K. Agius

St Andrews: R. De Martino, T. Pace Decesare, 8 J. Calleja, N. Scicluna,2 R. Magro, M. Caruana, 4 J. Mangion, 8 E. Cachia, I. Galea, 7 M. De Martino

Referees: B. Sly, C. Terribile

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