McDonalds Depiro lose Louis Borg Cup final

Published on 1st March 2010

Basketball – Women’s Louis Borg Cup – Final 2: Cup for fifth time to Hibs
by Willie Vassallo

The champions won their first seasonal honour, beating Depiro in two matches, to claim the Cup. It was also their fourth victory over Depiro. in five encounters. They managed to obtain a good lead by the interval, but Depiro didn’t give up, and their resilience helped them to tie the score at the start of the last quarter. They couldn’t apply the finishing touch, and the Paolites came through at the end, to claim the prize. This was the fifth time that Hibs laid their hands on the Louis Borg Cup, in the seven finals that they participated in.

Depiro made just the one change from the first final, with Justine Xuereb taking the place of Charmaine Tanti.

The champions began with a Kirsten Micallef triple, and Kaila Agius replied for Depiro. Hibs were on a 7-4 lead, when Sarah Pace personal points, including a trey, turned the score around. The Paolited returned, to lead 12-9, but Depiro had Pace and Greta Zarb with their triples. Hibs obtained the last two hoops of the session , to regain the advantage. In the second quarter it was Agius points once more for Depiro, but Kirsten Micallef netted a second trey, as the Paolites first held on to their advantage, then burst forward with a solid 12-0 run, as Lucienne Bezzina put in her hoops. Depiro were suddenly 18-31 behind, and although they pulled back with another Zarb triple, the champions were in control, and they kept hold of their increased advantage, for a 36-23 lead, at the halfway stage.

After the break the Paolites were still enjoying their large lead in the opening stages, but Depiro were snapping back, and an 11-1 run had the champions in trouble. Justine Busuttil Gaerty managed to sink a couple of triples, as they crept back. There was still more to come from Depiro, with a third Zarb trey. Depiro were within a point, at 42-43. Alexis Darmanin gave the champions some breathing space, with a three point play, but Depiro were now in contention, with a session to go, when they were just 45-48 behind, incidentally the score of the first final. It was a tense last period, as Depiro twice pulled back, teh second time with a further Busittil Gaerty trey, as she tied the score, at 50-50. Once more Darmanin came up for teh Paolites, with another three point play. Hibs extended their lead, but Depiro kept pegging away, with their free shots. Darmanin pushed the champions further in front, and this time Depiro didn’t make it. When they tried to stop teh clock Hibs made the resulting free throws, to claim the Cup.

At the end of the encounter the MBA president, Mag. Antonio Mizzi, presented the honour to the Hibs captain, Lucienne Bezzina. amidst exhilarations from the whiole Hibs side, and their large mass of supporters.

Depiro: 13 S. Pace, 14 G. Zarb, A. Demanuele, A. Mifsud, K. Busuttil, J. Xuereb, 10 J. Busuttil Gaerty, A. Borg, C. Sammut, E. Vella, 2 S. Micallef, 15 K. Agius

Hibs: E. Micallef, E. Cassar, D. Cassar, 12 L. Bezzina, F. Tabone, 5 M. Desira, 8 D. Micallef, 11 A. Darmanin, 6 N. Arrigo, 13 K. Micallef, 8 J. Cardona

Referees: Alfred Carbonaro, Clive Terribile

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