McDonalds Depiro obtain first seasonal win

Published on 12th October 2010

Basketball – women’s national league: Depiro recover from early season defeat

Loyola came a cropper agianst a Depiro side intent on erasing their opening league loss against the champions.

Depiro ran up a high score and their press denied their adversaries time and again until they eased off in the last stages of the match allowing Loyola to hike up a more respectable scoreline. The two sides are now on a win and defeat each.

Loyola were a different side from the one that beat Mtarfa. Abigail Sciberras was injured and Adalia Bonanno was missing. In came Giuliana Torpiano. Depiro fielded the same formation as in their other match against Hibs.

Depiro eked out a lead at the start despite opposition from Loyola. Francesca Bianco then sank a triple as Depiro extended their advantage.

Loyola managed some more points but Depiro combined well towards the end of the period as they made up a 9-2 run mostly from Kaila agius points.

Loyola tried to make amends at the start of the second session but were hit by a Justine Busuttil Gaerty triple. Depiro kept on with three hoops in a row before Loyola could reply with some points. Depiro struck again till the interval and triples by Bianco her second and  Sarah Pace made up an 8-0 run for a good 34-14 advantage.

Loyola fell apart after the break. All they could manage was a paltry hoop earlier on but by then Depiro had built up a hefty 19-2 run with an Andrea Mifsud trey and more points from Antoinette Borg and Agius.

Loyola made some free shots but Depiro were still intent on pressing and increasing their score which had gone up to 61-19 after three sessions. Loyola were still being pressed in the first part of the final period as Christine Sammut obtained a number of points in a 12-4 run.

Depiro then seemed to be satisfied and lose interest and Loyola’s pride took over. they collected a solid 17-1 run with Ruth Spiteri and Jean Doughty in the forefront. The game evened out once more at the end with both sides seemingly content with the outcome.


7 J. Doughty, M. Gatt, 7 E. Falzon, 4 F. Schembri, 16 R. Spiteri, 4 P. Montanaro, 3 F. Camilleri, 3 SJ Barbara, 2 K. Gouder


9 S. Pace, 2 J. Xuereb, 4 A. Mifsud, 1 M. Bonett, 6 F. Bianco, 3 J. Busuttil Gaerty, 17 A. Borg, 5 C. Sammut, E. Vella, 9 S. Micallef, 22 K. Agius


JP Sammut, S. Micallef

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