Women BoV KO semifinals: Depiro, Hibs to cross swords in final

Published Wednseday 20th November

Luxol     55

McDonalds Depiro     63

(11-15, 17-17, 14-15, 13-16)

Hibs’ opponents in the KO final will be Depiro who had the better of Luxol in a pulsating semifinal which had the first player expulsion of the season.

It was Depiro who were in front for most of the time but the Violets were always close by. The fouls then mounted against Luxol and they lost a total of four players which did not help their cause even though they had gotten closer yet again.

The Violets had Clementina Medina unavailable and Louisa serge on a long term injury. Depiro recovered Edwina Vella with Martina Mifsud taking the place of Justine Xuereb.

The game went Luxol’s way at first as they grabbed a 5-2 lead. Depiro took the match in hand and an 11-2 run with points from Sam Brincat and a Steffi De Martino triple had them sweeping ahead.

Luxol recovered with free throws but Depiro opened their advantage once more. In the second period Depiro held on to their lead and Antoinette Borg’s hoops offset Becky Naudi’s entance on court for Luxol.

Sarah Pace netted a triple for the Violets but Depiro still had a good advantage as Francesca Bianco made a brace of hoops. Amelie Paul concluded in the paint for Luxol but it was Depiro on a 32-28 lead at the interval.

After the break, Depiro opened up their advantage and then Luxol’s Beverlee Zammit was ousted out of the game for dissent.

Depiro’s lead went into double figures but the Violets made their free throws and were back into contention. With a quarter to go Depiro held on to a 47-42 lead.

The Violets clawed their way back to level the score but Depiro had Brincat nailing a triple as she began a 7-0 run quickly followed by another trey to steer her side to a better position. Luxol’s insistence and a Pace second triple brought them to a basket in arrears but the game’s final points came from Depiro as they made their way into the final.



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