March 3, 2021

Great performance by Depiro’s women’s team puts them top of the group

Eurobasket Women

Pavi Depiro 50
Hibs 48
(16-12) (13-15) (9-10) (12-11)

In the second encounter Pavi Depiro managed to overcome Hibs with a basket in one of their best performances this season. Hibs had foul trouble in the third quarter as they lost Maria Said and Christina Grima (175-G/F-89). Depiro’s Svetalana Micallef had a remarkable performance in defense on Josephine Grima (193-C-84) whilst Gabriella Mifsud (167-F-95), Maria Bonett and Samantha Brincat had their contribution in offence as well. It was a balanced affair from the start as both teams were close to each other for most of the game. Depiro ended the first quarter ahead 16-12 as they had points by Brincat, Bonett and Mifsud. Hibs had their points coming mainly from Christina and Joey Grima. In the second quarter Depiro increased their lead after a Tina Mifsud trey. Hibs replied with a 7-0 run of their own however Depiro had Gaby Mifsud netting two three pointers to keep them in front despite a Grima’s triple for Hibs before the interval 29-27. In the third quarter Depiro increased their lead further with a Brincat’s trey. Hibs lost Said and Grima with their fifth foul and coach Alex Farrugia had to rely mainly on a young squad together with Josephine Grima for the last period. Grima gave Hibs the lead after two minutes with 3 consecutive points. Brincat replied for Depiro but Julia Scerri soon increased Hibs’ advantage again. Once again Gaby Mifsud came to Depiro’s rescue with two three pointers. There wasn’t too much time left for Hibs and Depiro managed to control the last seconds of the game to win it 50-48.

Pavi Depiro: A. Mifsud, G. Mifsud 16, S. Brincat 15, M. Bonnett 12, C. Camilleri, T. Mifsud 3, P. Montanaro, S. Micallef 4, C. Ciantar.
Hibs: J. Scerri 4, E. Cassar, N. Vella, I. Agius 8, J. Grima 16, M. Said, C. Grima 14, K. P. Mifsud, N. Mifsud, H. Al Tumi 6, N. Farrugia, K. Tonna.
Referees: Emanuel Mangani, Alfred Carbonaro.

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