May 16, 2021

Summer School 2019

Depiro Summer School, has been in operation for 21 years now and has grown in popularity with kids attending year after year. Our main goal is to give children a break from school ensuring that they have an enjoyable summer full of extra-curricular activities.  This year we are offering 2 different programs catered for particular age groups. The main targets in the different schedules are; learning through fun, variety, innovation and hands-on activities.

While setting the programs we made sure that everyday children get a good dose of physical activity completely away from classrooms. Accompanying this there are other activities giving the children a whole package of non-formal education. In order to maintain our standards we limit the number of children per class; ensuring that they get the necessary attention and fun.

We offer a service to two distinct groups:

‘The Early Years’: 3 to 4 years and ‘Juniors’: 5 to 13 years

Both groups have the option to attend Depiro Summer School on two, three, four and five days a week.

Early Years program:

The ‘Early Years’ have a diverse program aimed at improving the five strands of developmental milestones; gross motor, fine motor, speech/language, cognitive/problem solving, social/emotional. The activities include; sports, yoga, arts & craft, storytelling, exploring the World video, dancing games, science, water games, messy play, cooking, skills (e.g: cutting activities), circle time (entitled as let’s talk) and three (3) outings. All these will be linked to a weekly theme facilitating active teaching and learning. This year the early years will explore a different country every week. Click to open – Early years program 3-4

Juniors program:

The ‘Junior’ activities will be offering the kids a wide range of sports and educational activities. Both the 5 – 9 and 10+ groups will have sports, drama, art, science, cooking, Hip-hop, Its all about me (PSCD), team building and water games. The four groups will also have a weekly outing. Click to Open (5 – 10+) Junior years program

Depiro Summer School ensures that all our teachers are qualified and experienced. Classrooms are safe and properly ventilated. Parents will be involved in our program via e-mails and frequent photos on our Facebook page.

The 8 week program will start on Monday 8th July and end on Friday 6th September (exc St Maria feast week).

Compulsory time is 09:00 hrs – 13:00 hrs but we also offer extended hours from 07:30 – 09:00 hrs and from 13:00 hrs – 14:00 hrs.

Early bird applications up to the 30th March 2019 will be given a 5% Discount.

All applicants will be given a free goodie bag

Further information can be obtained by either emailing or call on 79053402 after 15:00 Hrs 

Open Application form – Summer School Application Form 2019


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