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About Us

The Depiro Basketball Nursery is at the heart of the Depiro Sports Club. The basketball section has been taking part in national compeitions since 1972. The club roots were formed through this beautiful game of basketball. In fact the club was known as Depiro Basketball Club before changing its name to Depiro Sports Club (2022) which reflects the growth of this club within the community through the different services offered.  Thus the basketball section is a very important sector for us that we take pride of.


Our Program

Youth Categories (5 to 18 years)

The Depiro Basketball Nursery operates from Monday to Saturday during the afternoon throughout the whole year. The nursery is open for all children with the youngest members being 5 years old up to 18 years old. The nursery takes part in the Malta Basketball Association competitions in both male and female which start from u8 up to u19.

Senior Teams

Our club takes part in the senior national competitions in both male and female competitions which consist of U23, Amateur League and National League.


Coaching Staff

Coaches in our nursery work towards achieving the objectives of the club which are mainly:  promoting good practices, instilling a love for sports in general, striving hard to help our athletes develop holistically as well as teaching a love for basketball and developing all the skills required to reach excellence in this sport.  

The club employs only professional qualified coaches and invests in the ongoing training of coaches where it gives them the opportunity to keep developing their coaching pedagogy and knowledge of the game.


Competitions and International Camps

Our club gives the athletes the chance to form part of their age group category team and participate in the national leagues organised by the Malta Basketball Association. Besides that, athletes can also participate in training camps on the Island and abroad as well as part-take in training offered by host foreign coaches.

The club boasts achievements on multiple levels with various honours won locally and internationally, together with a large representation in national teams in all sectors. We believe that success is reached in different ways such as teamwork, resilience, time management, handling pressure, sportsmanship, leadership, commitment and working hard to win. These are all skills learned together with the technical and tactical abilities of basketball which will help them to achieve their full potential thanks to our professional team of coaches.


Our Facilities

Our club has its own facilities where children can train in the best environment to improve their skills. All basketball sessions are held on parquet flooring as required by international standards. The club continuously invests throughout the year in the maintenance and upgrade of facilities together with the latest sports equipment and technology needed in basketball.


Join Us

All those interested to learn basketball and want to enjoy this beautiful game are welcome to join us. Playing basketball will help you make new friends and enter in the big sporting family of Depiro Basketball.


Registered with SPORTMALTA


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