June 12, 2024


Depiro Volleyball forms part of Depiro Sports Club. 

The Volleyball section has around 60 girls who have been training for the past seasons. 

The first group of players who represented the club in the Malta Volleyball Association national league played in the U15 category during the season 2022-2023. 

The club will be participating in all categories from next season which starts in September / October. 

Training sessions are held at St Martin’s College, Swatar. All groups train twice a week during the winter period (October to May). Occasional sessions are held at the Depiro gym in Mtarfa. 

Depiro Volleyball also holds the summer program which starts during the first week of July. Three groups of players will be training twice a week each for three months. One session is held at St Martin’s College, while the Strength & Conditioning session takes place at Mtarfa. 

Depiro Volleyball caters for both beginners and more experienced players who have been training for several years already. During the sessions, the girls learn the basics of the game of volleyball, focusing on consolidation of physical literacy, developing their skills and learning how to play our game in different adapted forms. Our players are also exposed to other aspects of the game such as scorekeeping, officiating, first aid and other important aspects. At the moment our younger girls are aged 11. 

The aim of our club is to expose our players to practice, enjoyment, competition, teamwork, fair play, resilience and other values through training sessions and participation in competitive games, both locally and abroad. It is our aim to introduce mini-volleyball for younger categories.