May 24, 2024


About us

As a result of the Depiro basketball club’s success, we’ve continued to extend our programs to provide additional possibilities for children to engage in physical activity. Our Depiro Gymnastics group, which is based in Imftarfa, is constantly looking for new members who are eager to take on new challenges and have fun. Students aged 3 to 16 are embraced into a welcoming and enthusiastic environment where they may learn the sporting discipline in the most effective way possible! Children will also come to make new friends and enjoy the process of learning.


Our Program

At Depiro Gymnastics, we value and empower our students’ strengths. Children in our program are divided into sessions with students of similar ages and abilities. In this way, we feel they would get the best out of this experience as well as keep them motivated!



Our Levels


Here at Depiro Gymnastics, we categorize our sessions by the participants’ skill level and not according to age. Parents are guided and encouraged to select the level according to the child’s ability, as this will help to improve the child’s skills more efficiently, keep track of assessments and students will feel more confident participating in a session where students are of similar ability.


Level 1 – Recommended for participants who are beginners.

Level 2 – Recommended for participants who have some experience and confidence in basic gymnastic skills

Level 3 – Recommended for participants who have confidence in basic and intermediate gymnastic skills

Level 4 – Recommended for participants who have confidence in intermediate and advanced gymnastics skills.


The first two levels focus on mastering essential gymnastics skills as well as locomotor abilities, which will help them build their physical literacy, which will benefit them in various sports. In addition, children will gain valuable soft skills such as teamwork, making new friends, supporting one another, and adjusting to new surroundings. 

The second two levels would challenge the students further through increasing their various abilities while expanding on the foundation that has previously been established. They will also gain other qualities such as leadership, teamwork, self-awareness, and assisting others in providing feedback.


Our Facilities


We take great satisfaction in providing children with a safe atmosphere that includes new equipment that will enhance their experience as members of our Gymnastics family. Furthermore, our coaches are thoroughly prepared to deliver the highest level of service to current and potential students!



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